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The Company

Сommunications operators assert that regulatory and juridical specifications are complex and multi-aspect when implementing telecommunications projects.
In order to focus on solving the main problem – the organization of telecommunications business, to eliminate or at least to facilitate the operator’s activity provision, we offer you to turn to FlySvyazContact Сo., Ltd. Our company has been in the radio communications consulting market for over 15 years. The staff has considerable experience in the field of radio spectrum regulation, licensing and certification of equipment in all regions of the Russian Federation.

The services offered:

consulting in the field of radio spectrum regulation;

consulting in the field of telecommunications services licensing;

consulting in the field of telecommunications equipment certification;

carrying out experimental investigations and verification nature tests;

evaluation of EMC and borders of coverage area;

obtaining import licenses for radio electronic devices, sales permits and permits for their manufacturing on the territory of the Russian Federation;

registration of radio electronic equipment;


provision of business support on the territory of Russian Federation and other countries.



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